Why Every Man Should Stockpile External Catheters During Coronavirus Pandemic

Brook Natenson

Hoarding toilet paper is a thing during this pandemic , but that's illogical because those people have the belief that running water will keep working. We hope it does and there are no indicators to the contrary, however if it stops, a stockpile of external catheters would do you a world of good. You could avoid peeing in a hole, and urinate at your leisure.  Urinating is a normal bodily process, so having the proper urine devices in case your toilet stops working is a best practice and we have the best external catheter, in our opinion on the market....

External Catheters Are an essential Item for men with urine incontinence

Brook Natenson

External catheters are an essentdial item for men with urine incontinence. Much like people stockpile Toilet paper, because they're afraid of running out people with urine incontinence make sure they always have external catheters.  External catheters are indeed useful if you have urinary incontinence, but more than that your external catheters make life easier. 

New Medicare and Private Insurance Coverage

Paul Dwork

Exciting News! Beginning January 1, 2010, the GeeWhiz IMD with Integral Collection Pouch will be covered by Medicare and Private Insurance. Please download and print the prescription, have this filled out and signed by your Doctor, and faxed direct to us. We will contact you once we have received your prescription and verify your coverage along with potential copays and ordered quantities. The GeeWhiz IMD with Integral Collection Pouch will then be shipped to your residence in discreet brown box packaging once the verification process in complete and you have verbally confirmed your order with us. Contact us for further...

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Tom Story

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