Condom Catheter FAQ

Condom Catheter  For Men GeeWhiz®:
Frequently Asked Questions


Commonly asked questions regarding the GeeWhiz® condom catheter.

1. How does it work?

The GeeWhiz®  condom catheter is placed on the outside of the penis instead of having a tube inserted through the urethra. It is known as a condom catheter. And sometimes is referred to as a Condom Sheath, or simply a Sheath.

The GeeWhiz as shown above is provided with a male nozzle already in place. After it has been applied (“please see Instructions for Using The GeeWhiz”), the female connector is pressed over the nozzle and the connector tubing is connected to either a leg or bedside (bed) drainage bag to collect urine from the user.

The leg bag may be strapped inconspicuously to either leg. At night, usage of the bedside drainage bag is recommended. The larger capacity of the bed bag helps you (and your caregiver) to get a good night’s sleep without the usual interruptions.

2. How often should the  Condom Catheter be replaced?

The External condom catheter should be replaced daily; it should never be reused. This will help avoid infections.

3. How often should the leg bag or bedside drain bag be replaced?

Both the leg bag and bed bag should be replaced at least every two weeks. Proper cleaning is essential on a daily basis. Changing the bags once a week is preferable.

4. How do I clean the bags?

The bags should be cleaned using a disinfectant solution especially designed for medical devices. Control III disinfectant solution is available in most pharmacies or hospital equipment supply companies. An alternative is to dilute 2 ½ (1¼ oz) tablespoons of vinegar in one quart (32 oz) of water and rinse the bags out with the solution.

After using any disinfectant solution, be sure to thoroughly rinse bag with clean water.

5. How do I keep myself clean and how often do I change the GeeWhiz  Condom Catheter?

The external Condom Catheter should be removed and discarded daily in order to maintain good hygiene. Proper hygiene is always necessary to avoid irritated skin, or even infection.

To remove, simply unwrap the SecureStrip™ wrapping tape and roll the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter off of the penis. Insure that the GelStrip™ adhesive strip is also removed.

Wash the penis and genital area with a mild soap yourself or commercial cleansing product designed for this purpose. Showering or bathing is recommended in order to cleanse thoroughly and must be done daily basis. If you are bedridden and unable to bathe, products are available for cleansing oneself while in bed. Daily cleansing is a necessity.

Following cleansing, insure that the penis is completely dry and free of talc or lotion before attaching a new GeeWhiz Condom Catheter.

6. What if my skin becomes red or irritated?

Immediately discontinue use and notify your physician, pharmacist, or caregiver. Products are available to protect the skin from irritation and infection. You need to determine why the problem is occurring and solve it before continuing to wear the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter.

7. What if my GeeWhiz Condom Catheter leaks?

Leakage is generally caused by improper attachment or placement of the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter or using the incorrect size. Check to insure that the correct size is being used with the sizing chart provided or obtainable on line. Check to see that the Silicone GelStrip adhesive seal is wrapped securely around the penis behind the glans or head, and that the SecureStrip is snuggly wrapped around the outside of the GeeWhiz over the GelStrip “bump” as shown in the drawing above. When applying the GelStrip and SecureStrip It is necessary to apply a slight tension and wrap slowly so that the material lays down in a smooth fashion. Click here for instructions on how to properly apply the Gee Whiz®.

8. I am not circumcised and do not know which way to apply the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter (i.e. over the foreskin or with the foreskin pulled back). What is the proper way?

To insure that the GeeWhiz is applied securely, first pull the foreskin forward over the head of the penis and then applying a slight tension, wrap the silicone adhesive GelStrip seal behind the glans (head) of the penis. This insures that when the foreskin retracts, the seal is in the proper location.

When you first receive the GeeWhiz, practices putting it on, trying alternate methods until you are comfortable with the procedure. This will provide you with peace of mind and insure a comfortable and secure fit. If there are questions or problems call us for help.

9. Is there a return policy?

Due to the nature of the product, health and sanitation laws prevent us from accepting returns. Even if the package is unopened, the package may have been in contact with an environment that prevents us from accepting a return. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you have any questions as to if the product will work for you prior to purchase, please call us at (800) 639-9322 and speak to a sales associate.