External Condom Catheter Features Fix Problems in Other External Condom Catheters Brands


The External Condom Catheter GeeWhiz® is also known as an External Male Condom Catheter. The GeeWhiz® has helped changed lives for men with urine incontinence and our external condom catheter is protected by 5 issued  and other U.S. Patents Pending.


There are many benefits to the design and use of the External condom catheter. Some of the uses and benefits of our condom catheter is:

Medicare and qualified Private Insurance Plans approved!
*100% Silicone Catheter
*Urine Flows When Catheter Bent 90º
*Silicone GelStrip® For Superior Seal
*Non-Irritating GelStrip, Easy To Remove Superior Condom Retention
*Accommodates Circumcised & Non-Circumcised Patients
*QuickSnap™ Connect/Disconnect Nozzle
*No More Adult Diapers! ™
*Non-Prescription Delivery available to the privacy of your home or facility

The external condom catheter GeeWhiz® is Ideal for home, post prostatic surgery, people suffering from Interstitial Cystitis Patents & Others with Stress, Urge & Overflow Incontinence.


Our condom catheter has helped so many people doing all sorts of things. Some of them include people having fun like  Travelers, Divers, Golfers and Sports Fans. Some use it for survival and work like   Hunters,  Pilots, and Truckers.  

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