Condom Catheter Geewhiz ® -- About Us

Merlin Medical Supply is a distributor for the GeeWhiz External Condom Catheter.

Realizing that Male Urinary Incontinence issues can present challenging health and life style issues, we strive to distribute the best external condom catheters  which is called the GeeWhiz.  Our external condom catheter is Medicare approved and also approved by some private insurances. The medicare  GeeWhiz comes with the external condom catheter with Integral Collection Pouch.

The GeeWhiz external condom catheter with or without an integral collection pouch is a welcome alternative to Adult Diapers. Many people with bladder control issues find this product to be very easy and useful.

The GeeWhiz urine device system is designed to help men with Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Control problems to get their freedom back. Additionally, the GeeWhiz external condom catheter  system makes your caregiver’s job easier, less time consuming and less of a burden. It is ideal for stroke patients, urgency issues associated with enlarged prostate, prostatectomy resulting in incontinence, pilots, hunters, travelers, and many other arenas.

Please explore the rest of our website to find out more how our product works and how it can benefit you. A good place to start is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the GeeWhiz IMD for Men.

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