Leg Bag With Straps


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Leg Bag With Straps - Geewhiz Condom Catheter

The Urinary Leg Bag protects skin from pressure points by placing leg strap connectors and drain valve away from direct contact with leg. This kit safely and easily conducts urine through its drain valve and is easy to open. It closes securely even with limited dexterity. The quality materials result in soft, comfortable, durable bags pleated sides which increases the volume but not the length.

The Urinary Leg Bag Features:
Soft, Durable Vinyl: Provides security from leaking, comfort, and value for money. It is constructed of heavy gauge vinyl.
Anti-Reflux Valve: One way flow valve integral to the construction of a sheath or pouch that prevents flow back toward the skin.
Pleated Sides: Increases the wearer’s comfort while reducing its size. The leg bag’s unique side pleats expand horizontally as it fills.
Sterile Fluid Pathway Packaging: Increases the convenience of the leg bag. The leg bag can be removed from its package in any setting and connected to an indwelling catheter, for example, without requiring a sterile field.

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