Condom Catheter GeeWhiz® Starter Pack for UNKNOWN SIZE- Includes All Condom Catheter Sizes

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For first time users of the Condom Catheter urine device GeeWhiz®, we recommend that you begin with a Starter Pack, which includes: (GeeWhiz® with Accessory Pack). Utilize the “All Sizes” starter pack to ensure correct size if purchasing for someone else or unable to measure.

6 GeeWhiz Daily Packs
(2) 29mm Daily Packs
(2) 32mm Daily Packs
(2) 36mm Daily Packs

*Each Daily Pack include (1) Catheter (1) GelStrip (1) Secure Strip

1 Extension Tubing for use with Leg Bag
1 Leg Bag
1 Bedside Drain Bag
1 Instruction book

Sizing Chart If Needed

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