Condom Catheters Geewhiz makers of External Catheters

The GeeWhiz Condom Catheter as well as any condom catheter needs to be changed daily to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene.

The unique Quick Connect Disconnect feature of the GeeWhiz allows the man the abilty to urinate normally without removing the GeeWhiz catheter. Other condom catheters do no have this feature.

The urine collection bag used with the GeeWhiz condom catheter, or any condom catheter needs to be rinsed daily.  It can be reused after cleaning.

The Bedtime Drain bag used with the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter, or any condom catheter, needs to be rinsed out daily after emptying.

Condom Catheters with adhesives can cause skin irritation. The GeeWhiz condom catheter uses a Silicon Gel Seal which does not cause skin irritation.

Condom catheters can easily leak since the glue inside the catheter when rolled on the flacid penis leaves room for the urine to infiltrate the seal and cause the catheter to come off.  The GeeWhiz Condom catheter with it gelantsnous silicon gel seal fulls in all the cracks snd void on the skin to maintain a water tight seal, preventing the catheter from falling off.

The Secure Strip with the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter maintains a positive pressure on the catheter and silicon gel seal, which accommodates the variable size changes which may occur during the course of wearing, and keeping the catheter from falling off.

Condom Catheters are worn by men who have urgency needs and no availabilty of a bathroom.  This is the case of pilots, truck drivers, workers in the field, as well as people with disabilities, such as Parkinsons Disease.

Urgency happens when men have an enlarged prostate, and the need to go happens quickly and unexpectedly.  The GeeWhiz Condom Catheter allows one the freedom and knowledge of knowing they can control embarrassing accidents.

Indwelling Foley Catheters, which are not used for urinary blockage, and for   
Convenience of Caregivers, can lead to urinary tract infections. The GeeWhiz Condom Catheter can be a solution, and reduce the incidence
of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) when urine leakage or incontinence is the issue  

Over 200,000 prostate procedures are done annually, which in many cases leads to temporary leakage or incontinence.  The GeeWhiz Condom Catheter can allow the manthe freedom to continue daily activities without having to wear an adult diaper.  

Adult diapers are used for male incontinent patients. These diaper will allow the urine odor to be detected by others. The GeeWhiz Condom Catheter is a closed system, and no odor will be detected.  It is discrete and not detected under clothing.