Condom Catheter GeeWhiz® for UNKNOWN SIZE- Urinary incontinence Device (FIRST ORDER ONLY)

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For first time users of our GeeWhiz® Condom Catheter urinary device GeeWhiz® we recommend that you begin with this Starter Pack, which includes: (GeeWhiz® with Accessory Pack). Utilize our “All Sizes” starter pack to ensure correct size if purchasing for someone else or unable to measure. 

Our kit includes 6 GeeWhiz Daily Packs,  2 29mm Daily Packs, 2 32mm Daily Packs and 2  36mm Daily Packs. Each condom catheter daily pack also includes one catheter, one gelsteip, and one secure strip. 

We even provide you with extension tubing for the leg bag, the leg bag that works with the extension tubing and a bedside drain bag. We also provide an instruction book, in case you don't know what to do. 

If you need the sizing chart it is right here to  print out  after you download it. 

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