External Condom Catheter GeeWhiz® Starter Pack of 10 Catheters for KNOWN SIZE (FIRST ORDER ONLY)

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If you have used the GeeWhiz Condom catheter for urinary incontinence and or you already know your condom catheter size, you need to upgrade to our daily packs, which some insurances might help with, including Medicaid.

If this is your first time ordering an external catheter begin with the  Starter Pack that no insurance helps with.

We  provide 10 condom catheters, which includes the GeeWhiz®  Accessory Pack. It comes with 10 GeeWhiz  Daily Packs and (10) GeeWhiz Catheters, (10) GelStrips and (10) Secure Strips.

It also comes with 1 extension tubing for the leg bag and 1 leg bag. It also comes with a bedside drain bag in case you want to use it. It also comes with our amazing external catheter Instruction Book for people with urinary incontinence to help you learn how to use our condom catheter. 

Our external catheter is designed differently than other catheters, as the pictures show.  Unlike other catheters we have a secure snap connector designed, so when you hear the snap you know it is locked in properly. 

We also provide different strips to help make sure the catheter stay on such as naturally occurring erections, which our secure strip is designed to make sure the catheter gives the user the amount of room needed, which other catheters simply don't do. 

This is the catheter for real men who want to go with the flow, not for those who like those flimsy external catheters that break up to 90 percent of the time . 

If you would like you can read our condom catheter Sizing Chart If Needed. You can download it here. 

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